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How To Bet on New Jersey Football Teams

Football fans living in New Jersey do have legal options for betting on football. While these options are not state based, they are legally viable and offer reputable, high quality opportunities to players. If you'd like to learn more about why football betting that is licensed by the state is not available, you can visit our page dedicated to explaining New Jersey sports betting laws. Below you will see a listing of the top rated New Jersey sports betting sites. These brands have all been carefully evaluated by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the online sports gambling industry as both players and analysts. Only those brands that met our stringent requirements concerning legitimacy, credentials, security and overall quality and performance were considered for inclusion here. They are all legally licensed to provide their football betting lines to NJ residents as well as many other New Jersey sports betting options.

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Betting on Football in New Jersey

New Jersey does not have any professional football teams. They do however have several collegiate football programs that are alive and well, and the source for their home team pride. While NJ players are not restricted to betting on teams from the Garden State, we decided to provide some information on the more popular teams just to provide a little helpful insight that may help you in making an informed decision when betting.

New Jersey College Football Teams

Rutgers University Football Team

Rutgers University is a very old school that was established in 1869. The football team is known as the "Scarlet Knights." Rutgers joined the Big East conference in 1991, spent 1 year in the AAC, and now, in 2014, they are part of the Big 10 conference. The Rutgers Scarlet Nights have had Bowl appearances in 7 of the last 9 years (even though they were not major bowls). Last year Rutgers went 6-7.

There have been a lot of coaching changes at Rutgers, and entering a tough conference (Big 10), will not make it an easy year for them. They have a good offensive line with many returning starters. However, they gave up over 300 yards in passing, in in 3 games they gave up over 450 yards (Cincinnati, Fresno State, and SMU). They also did poorly against the run (ranked 100th) In addition, they have a poor 3rd down conversion rate which means that if they don't substantial ground early they will 3 and out very quickly.

Rutgers has a lot of speed at the running back position but the quarterback spot is still a question mark. The quarterback they have (Gary Nova) is a senior with experience, but he just doesn't stand out. They have younger options, and they may choose to rebuild around a young quarterback.

This team has some good players but they are going to play good teams in a tough conference. They have some easier games (Navy, Washington State, Howard), but the also have tough schools such as Nebraska, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. If they have a winning season it is because of their grit and determination.

Princeton University Football Team

Princeton is a Division 1-AA football school. Princeton's football program was established in 1869, and the team name is the "Tigers." Princeton was part of the 1st ever college football game against Rutgers. Princeton is part of the Ivy League, along with Harvard, Brown, and Yale. Since 1955, Princeton has won 10 Ivy League championships. The Princeton Tigers have been considered by many to be the top team in the Ivy League this year.

Princeton has a great quarterback named Quinn Epperly. Last year he was named the Offensive Player of the Year in the league, and he passed and ran for 40 touchdowns. They have a great defensive team, with returning star Anthony Gaffney (picked to be on pre-season All American team). Last year, Princeton was poised to in the Ivy League, but they lost in the last game to Dartmouth, so they had to share the title with Harvard. They have a 5th season returning coach that is hoping to take this team to the top and stay there alone this year.

There is nothing to stop Princeton from taking it all. They have a good number of returning starters and they have a solid coaching staff. This team has all the right elements to win their division. Everyone will be gunning for them, but they have the talent to beat back any challengers. This team could go undefeated, but they have chocked in the past. They could go 10-0, but with their inconsistencies they will go at least 8-2 and win their division.

Seton Hall

Seton Hall is a small private Catholic University, with an enrollment under 10,000 students. It is an old school, founded in 1856, and has the team name of "Pirates." Seton Hall does not have a football team any longer, but they are still worth mentioning because the Seton Hall Pirates do represent a stellar basketball program.