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This section will be dedicated to sharing the latest news headlines and informative articles concerning the status of sports betting in the Garden State. New Jersey is the state to watch as it is very possible they will be setting the precedence for other states to move forward with sports betting initiatives themselves. All eyes are upon the from both sides of the controversial topic, and the governor's steadfastness on this matter ensure there is never a dull moment surrounding the sports gambling landscape in New Jersey.

Because of New Jersey's tumultuous experience with trying to bring sports betting into their existing state based gambling industry, it is a region that bears careful watch. If they pull off what they are attempting with regards to nullifying the reach of PASPA in their state, it may dramatically affect the overall gambling landscape in the United States. We intend to follow the progress of events as they unfold and share our insight with our visitors in this section. We will be covering news concerning New Jersey betting laws, New Jersey football teams, and New Jersey sports betting in general.

We will also post informative articles about sports betting strategies, tips, and various topics that will expand your realm of knowledge and possibly enhance your skills to improve your results. You may even from time to time find comically entertaining pieces in this section of our site because life is nothing without a little humor in our midst. It is our intent to develop this section of our guide into a valuable resource that becomes a significant contribution to your sports betting experiences. Be sure to check back regularly for new headlines and articles that we post.

Latest News Headlines and Articles

New Jersey Legalizes Sports Betting ... Again – 09/15/14